1. Classical Concerts

Listening transform music into experience.

This is the concert form we all are familiar with:
The audience arrives, humming voices fill the concert hall.
The musicians enter the stage, applause! Bowing. Hush.
Tuning of the instruments. Silence.
Intake of breath - and now!
If now we now succeed to captivate the attention of our audience until the very last note fades away, the music will becomes a physical experience.

Our ideal of a successful concert.

2. Word-and-Sound Collages

Stories made up of sounds and words

Speech and sound  enhance one another in a  fascinating way. A touching sound  in a narrations course, a word in the very moment of the musics maximum suspense: the magic of this culmination captivates us developing our word-and-sound collages. What we demand from our music, we also demand from the text. To the extent possible, the scenes, the discourses and the"narrations en miniature" we create are based on original sources. This allows to shed a light on the biographical and musical background while maintaining the aesthetic framework. The original sound is the motto!

Between Dungeon & Crown | The Rosetti Mystery

3.  Panaudium

In the music, with the music, behind the music

A solitary sound already tells a story. Sounds create mental pictures, to which our emotions respond: a horn alarms, a lullaby puts to sleep. A horn in a lullaby - baffles! Unforeseen contrasts animate our mental cinema. The interplay between spontaneous associations and archaic emotions projects  novel motion pictures on our mental screen. Being open to this artifice doubles the enjoyment.

Signals | Robbed kisses, stolen hearts

4. Concerts for Children

Myths, Stories, Visions.

What counts here is the compelling story! For this reason we accompany children into the world of music with stories conceived specifically for them.  We involve them into the proceedings, they can ask questions, can move to the music and try out for themselves what they experienced before while listening. By becoming part of the action, children can understand music as a part of themselves.

Signals for children

5. Moderated Concerts

Experiences being told become stories.

Moderated concerts can be conceived to suit the desires and particular ideas of a specific audience.  Based on concrete examples, we explain selected aspects of music, uncover hidden configurations and highlight exceptional features.  There will be room to rehear the music, taking it out of the context for selective in-depth consideration.  In so doing it will become apparent, how musical events become stories.

6. Introductory Lectures

Stories told intertwine - listeners and performers.

For an audience with special interests as well as for a professional audience, introductory lectures can be a great enrichment. We explain the background of the programme and it's deeper context. We like our audience to share in the stories behind the programmes to intensify the concert experience.

7. Your Own Concept?

Elements out of which the music of Compagnia di Punto evolves.

You have specific ideas for your concerts? You wish to deal with a certain topic in a special way? Feel free to contact us: we  will be glad to develop individual programmes for your concert venue, your festival or your concert series.