Annie Laflamme

Paris in the eighteenth century: baroque music's efflorescence reaches the apogee of beauty and exclusivity, whilst adventurous French wayfarers set their eyes on a distant destination - seven forlorn isles located in the icy straits of the St Lawrence river in Canada. 250 years on, Sept-Îles or Seven Isles is to this day the name of flautist Annie Laflamme's birthplace. Thanks to her Québécoise upbringing, Annie Laflamme feels as comfortable with the French language of the past as she does in her capacity as musician with the musical language of the Old World.


After graduating in Montréal, it was Vienna, an outstanding cultural centre of the Old World, which attracted her attention and where she first came into contact with the New World of historically informed performance. She completed her studies in this discipline at the Königliche Konservatorium in den Haag. Annie Laflamme, specialist for historically informed performance on the baroque, classical and romantic flutes, now lives in Cologne. She performs with reknowned ensembles such as the Haydn Akademie Wien, Le Cercle de l’Harmonie Paris, Musicaeterna Perm (Russia), Concerto Köln, Collegium 1704 Prag, Wrozław Baroque Orchestra (Poland). She has toured as soloist, chamber-musician and with orchestras throughout Europe, her native country Canada, South Africa, the Middle East, Japan, Russia and India. Numerous recordings on CD and for the radio bear witness to her artistic prowess.


A founder member of the ensemble Compagnia di Punto, she ventures along unknown paths with period instruments. Annie Laflamme is a dedicated pedagogue, disseminating her knowledge and artisitc expertise at international music academies in Germany, Canada, France, Spain, Poland and Austria.


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